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Design is a discipline that combines functional and aesthetic aspects of the production of certain objects,it performs the specific activity or promotion. I mainly focus on advertising design that impressed me when I studied. I gained vital experience in cooperation with a number of advertising agencies. In the creative field, however, the study and acquisition of new knowledge never end. I have to constantly monitor new trends, utilizing new technology and closely monitor the work of the competition.

And what specific services can I offer you in this area? I will suggest your company logo, prepare the graphic design of printed materials, business cards, catalogs, billboards or other advertising media. Prepare a proposal for packaging of your products. Create graphics for web banners, websites and presentations. However I am not enough on my own for everything - I need a partner for creative dialogue: you! Design works as a shortcut compaction of the main ideas in a simple graphic representation. Therefore I always need to work a clear assignment and the possibility of ongoing consultations. I work for you, that‘s why I work with you.