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Welcome to my site dedicated to photography, graphics and design.

My name is Jan (John) Kwaczek and I come from the Czech Republic, but now I am living in London. I have dealt with design and photography for a few years. My first timid attempts associated with the discovery of the outside world and an attempt to capture the diversity began in my childhood. Something of the pure joy and desire to realize the beauty around me have remained so far. The camera and computer for me eventually became the best means and helpers to achieve my goals. That is to seek beauty, help to create it and capture it at the time and space.

First I went through art and design. Thanks to intensive study of the possibility of computer programs, suddenly, I could create beautiful things myself. I learned to use new media and new practices. Then I naturally came to photography through which I can capture the beauty around us. By combining these two areas, photographs and graphics, I managed to extend my creative potential and move my work to a higher aesthetic level. Therefore, now I can offer my experience, creativity and carefulness in several areas.

I focus on portrait, documentary and studio photography. In fact I shoot photos anywhere in the exterior or interior, including your home. In printmaking I use rich experience from advertising agencies in the development of modern printing materials, catalogs, websites or corporate logo designs. I also offer the possibility of training in graphics and postproduction of photos for those who are interested in it.

Writer Mark Twain said: „Give every day the opportunity to become the most beautiful day of your life.“

We have to try and collectively. Capture those beautiful, unique moments in photographs, and give them the hallmark of eternity.

I look forward to meeting you. Your Jan (John) Kwaczek